Our Pricing Scheme

Ann Arbor Limousine offers a highly unique pricing scheme that makes sure you get only the very best service for your price. We do this by offering pricing based on your specific event. When you call us, make sure that you can answer a few questions about your trip that we have listed below. Through those questions, we'll be able to give you the very best and most accurate price. Please also note that we do have a 6-hour minimum on any events that start after 7 pm, but we do have great wedding packages for earlier in the day as well!

How many people are coming on your bus?

This gives us an opportunity to let you know what buses would be best for your group.

When is your event happening?

Demand plays a big role in our pricing scheme. Events that happen on busy days, such as weekends, especially in the spring and summer, will tend to have higher prices than any other day of the year.

How far away is your pickup location?

While on the bus, you're welcome to travel as far away as you like. But pickup locations of more than 50 miles away may result in an additional fuel surcharge.

How many hours will you need the bus for?

While there is a 6-hour minimum, if you need additional time, we would be happy to oblige!



  • Visit as many places as you want
  • Go where the night takes you
  • Additional costs
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  • Affordable quotes
  • Accurate pricing
  • Obligation
  • Hidden fees
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