To hire a party bus, you must know some details before renting the car. In this section, you will find the answers to some of the questions that may interest you. Please take your time and think about it, and if you still have many questions, don't worry because our professional specialists are in the office waiting for your call at any time. We are experts in the industry. In fact, we already know what you're looking for!

Overtime only gets charged in 15-minute increments based on the rate that we agreed upon.

An additional fuel surcharge may be required if you are more than 50 miles away.

Of course! We encourage you to utilize the bar we have set up on our buses so that you might really enjoy yourself!

We want to keep our buses smelling clean and fresh, so we do not allow for smoking.

Feel free to call us, and we would be happy to make sure that we locate your missing item.

We do require a $200 security deposit to be made on my credit card either over the phone or in person in order to reserve your trip.

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